Monday, September 2, 2013

An unlikely return to a lost thought...?

So here I am, 1,040 days later, looking back on what had flowed out of my mind for a few weeks while I tried to keep up with a journal/blog. It was something I had tried a number of times previously but always found myself falling off from it. Once again, I did the same thing with this...
But now I am wiping the dust of this project and hoping that this time I will have more heart and desire to follow through with it. Maybe having a tablet and keyboard will help me do that as now I am able to write my thoughts at most any time and place. But I guess only time will tell!

It's really interesting how life changes so much over almost 3 years. Since then I have lost my long term job at U.S. Bank (6 years), gone through 2 cars (currently on my 3rd), made new friends, collected unemployment for 8 months, worked on exterior house improvement with my mom's boyfriend, took two classes at C.O.D. for Graphic Design, and started working at Starbucks.

Like I said, things have changed, in both positive and negative ways. But that's life. Continuous up and downs, like a roller coaster ride. You must always take every experience as a learning experience, as we only grow from those.

In life though, there are some things you must learn from and let go. Others will affect you in such a way that you don't let go as maybe the lesson to be learned is not by you, but by someone else involved in the whole experience and maybe it is your purpose to help them learn. I feel like I might be involved in one of those right now and I am not giving up on it yet.

Let's see how I do on keeping up with this thing now.... Wish me luck.