Friday, October 22, 2010

What makes us so much greater?

Driving home from work today, after a long stressful day, I noticed a dead animal in the road. Now even though it was dead, I avoided it...the car behind me didn't even try. It just ran right over the dead animals body.

Do you think it even crossed their mind that the animal was once alive...and even if it is dead, you shouldn't just run it over more? How would they feel if the day that person died, we just left their body out in the street to get run over?

Would we think it's cruel? Probably.
Would we more than likely pull a human body out of the street, even if dead? Probably.
So why don't we do the same for animals? How come not everyone watches out for the dead bodies in the road?

Do we really feel so much greater than 'that squirrel in the road'?
If you, I, we, whoever does...that isn't right. Everything has a right to life...and even after life, respect.

What makes us so different that we should be treated so much higher than any other animal walking this earth?
We have more intelligence? Sure...some could say that.
Is it proven? Probably.
Does that make us better? Definitely not.
Not when you see what we've done with this "intelligence." We've spawned wars, weapons, weapons of mass destruction, etc.
We WILL be our own races(and OTHERS) demise. It's quite unfortunate it's come to that. Any day, the human race can just wipe itself, and everything else for that matter, off the fact of the earth.

And what will it take for us to realize that? 
Well, I'm sure there are a LARGE number of us that realize that already...but we can only do so much.
So what it comes down to is that EVERYONE will realize that truth ONLY as it's happening.
So much for being intelligent. Ha.

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