Monday, October 11, 2010

Working on a holiday?

Yes, I am. Who else is?

Now, regular businesses I can understand the need to be open on a holiday. Let's look at some examples:
  • Grocery store - every day, people need items from there to survive. Food, hygenic care, water, etc. It makes sense for a place like that to be open.
  • Gas station - Definitely. We all need gas for transportation(usually, especially around holidays if family/friends/relatives live elsewhere), so being open is a good idea.
  • Hospital/doctors office - Without a doubt. Never know when you'll have an emergency when a professionals help is required.

Now, I am trying to understand why a bank would be open on a day like today. We are running on the next business day, which means any transactions done today won't actually post until tomorrow. So if you were hoping to get anything into your account today, it's not going to happen! Also, a lot of people don't know we're open today since it IS a holiday. So we have a full staff on a day when we've had maybe a fourth of our normal customers in today. Overall, it's been a pointless work day. But who am I to complain about a day of pretty much easy pay?

Sometime I really wonder how company management decides on these things...

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